Monday, August 12, 2013

Call it like it is.

The sad reality is; the current state of our economic problem has been predicated time and time again. But because of lobbyist and lots of fools in DC we are where we are.
NAFTA along with free trade with China and other third world nations has caused our industrial base to dwindle. The demand on the nanny state went up along with taxes. The adjustable rate mortgage boom caused the housing bubble along with people getting into homes they could not afford. If you add the fact that peoples jobs and retirement accounts blew up back in 2008. Well it is not surprising we are where we are. Only uneducated people follow the BS from the political parties who point fingers at each other when both are to blame as to this mess we are in. The best thing the American people could do on the next few election cycles is this. Replace them all from the State House to the Congress and the White House.

William T Capps
District 21
Laurel Md

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