Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Tea Party's Goal is understandable, their plan is a failure.

We all can agree that the debt of the US Government is way too high and must be reduced to be balanced. The question is how to achieve that goal. It took from the time when President Clinton left office that was the last time the US budget was balanced, to now of being over 16 trillion in debt. This was because of several fronts, one war because we were attacked and another because of a lie and an economic meltdown.  Because we did not fund the wars and because Wall Street did not have any serious accountability we are where we are. The tea party is correct that we are way over in debt. But their way of dealing with it is economic suicide. To think we can just cut trillions in one swipe without harming the US economy in a massive scale is a pipe dream. We opened up to global free trade for the cheap, and in the process ran up the nanny state and went to war without paying for it up front just to be told to go shopping. Not to mention a too big too fail wall street that helped push the 2008 melt down.

The only way to reverse this course is to turn the sip around very slowly; to do so any faster will sink the ship. We are going to have to increase our exports reduce the taxes for US manufacture over a period of five years to a final cap at least 25% and at the same time make it costly for US Manufacture to import their goods back into the US by way of tariffs on US manufacture imports abroad.

The current GOP is ran by a lot of idiots who believe you must do this overnight and are blind to the fact that their current plan is a disaster. Obama Care has less to do with our economic problem then what is being twisted out by the spin doctors. Yes there needs to be corrections. But I contend even if Obama Care was not the law, the ship would still be sinking. It took over forty years to get here because of the failure of both parties. You would be foolish to believe it can be revered in a few years weather we have Obama Care or not.
William T Capps Jr.
Laurel, Maryland
District 21.


  1. The Clinton surplus is a lie. Govt accounting has been using deceptive numbers for a long time to create false debt and surplus claims. FICA revenue is always counted twice and all entitlement numbers are played with depending on what purpose needs to be served. I certainly hope you don't believe your own hyperbole. It is the people who run small business that fund this country and that is the heart and soul of the Tea party. You're biting the hand that would fund your political aspirations. Think.