Sunday, June 23, 2013

Religion,politics and lobbyist.

The danger of religion and politics is on the horizon here in our country. I believe in the freedom of Americans to follow their faith. I also believe government cannot run a country based on any religious theology.  We are a nation with many religious beliefs, some I am ok with and some I question their motivations and one I distrust a lot. Then you have folks who do not believe in God and those who do who do not want forced religion via the legislative process. Symbols of Religion is not an issue with me, I believe the atheist have gone overboard on this issue. But just as the DNC has large anti-religious constituents within their ranks. The GOP has also got their folks who want to force biblical theology within their ranks.

Freedom in many ways is an inference within American society. People in all strips wave the constitution for their cause and beliefs all the time. Many times they cry foul when the Supreme Court makes a ruling that many may not agree with. But these are the rules of the game that has been around sense our founding.  We now are in a debate as to what our world status should or should not be with regard to foreign policy. We look at democracy as the key requirement as to entering the norm of nations. Yet even countries that vote for their leaders can also vote for a dictatorship or a mad man.  Many nations are not evolved and may not ever evolve into a civil society of the standards of the industrialized free world. Thus nations who rule by the sword by the prism of religion can be a danger to the modern world.

Our country is at a cross road. Do we retreat in world affairs and hollow our defense to our nation! Do we look out with caution and resolve with a pragmatic mind set. I say we must do the latter.

We as a people have failed our nation. I say we because over the decades we voted for the people who have come up with the failed policies that now has placed us in a bind as a nation and our role in the world. Freedom is not free and if we are to remain a free nation we must do what we must to maintain a robust military. This does not mean we go to war on a whim. We also must make trade policy that leverages our resolve with human rights being the main factor of doing business with the United States.

In conclusion we also need lots of election reform to expose foreign and national lobbyist whose main goal is to manipulate our Government; via propaganda to the American people.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's pretend this did not happen.

We’ll all you cry babies ok let’s stop the Intel community from doing what they are doing. Like preventing another 9-11! Than when another attack happens you will be crying how come we could not stop this?

I for one want the Intel programs to continue, these programs have stopped a lot of mayhem.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Citizens District is looking for volunteer writers

The Citizens District is looking for volunteer writers. If interested please contact us at  This blog is not for lobbyist but rather citizens voicing their views be it for or against any public issue Be it Local State or National.

People want a utopia government.

I have come to the conclusion that there are a few things that are in play within the political sphere within our country.  People want a utopia government. One that will never happen and along that same unrealistic bench mark both major parties let me correct that! All major parties want power if being utopia government, cannot be achieved.

There are several categories along with hypocrisy within the parties as well as the folks who elect them.

The absolutes are the most dangerous. These are the folks that would rather burn the house down, let alone our country if they cannot get 100% of what they want. The scary thing is the absolutes at this point seem to taking the lead in power. This is now why I am now an independent!

Take the issue of the 501C issue for tax free organization to be allowed to form a group as long as it is a social issue group.  Both parties have them but it has not one damn thing to do with any social message. It is a back door way to funnel money to the political parties. The IRS scandal that exposed the IRS in targeting conservative groups of their tax exempt status was a hit job, we all know it. Heck it has happen to the left when the right was in the White House. Now you see both parties hopping mad up on the hill. Not because of the hit job, but because this can expose these 501C’s for what they are. The nothing more than a money laundering operation for both parties! That simple! The law about these 501C’s specifically required that these 501C’s not engage in any political operations or endorsement.  But because both parties realized that the money would dry up at some point the IRS was pressured to bend the rules to allow these groups to do what they are not supposed to do as long as these political events are at least 49% or below of their operations.  So finance reform that was supposed to clean up the process of lobbyist influence in Washington. Well the Absolutes got their way again and now it has been exposed by a targeted hit job by one of the parties. The failure was not the hit job, but rather the failure to enforce the law 100%.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bongino for Congress! Well he is going to have to mellow on some issues......

Bongino is going to run for Congress in 2014 to represent the 6th Congressional District of Maryland. This is the Seat that was redistricted and was lost to Mr. Bartlett who was in the House of Representatives for decades.

I have met Mr. Bongino as well as Mr. Bartlett and the demographics have changed.  In order for them to take back this seat to reclaim it from the Democrat Party! The person who is on the ticked for the GOP will have to moderate to the center and best have a track record to prove the moderation.  We are not the south and the tea party far right republicans do not have a leg to stand on in this state let alone will make National office representing Maryland.

The only way a Republican let alone the GOP become a relevant power. They will have to rethink their positions to insure they are in tune with the citizens.

The Health Care debate will not win you an election.

 The Gay Marriage issue is dead.

The only issues they might make any traction on might be and I say might be!  Trade, pertaining to the failure of free trade with China and Nafta! With a Plan not to kill Social Security!

It is the reality of Maryland the GOP today is not the GOP it used to be. Reagan could not win National office today. The GOP has gone weak on several issues and the citizens are not buying their lip service anymore.
The Citizens District

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Selling of America by the Democrat and Republican Party. We need term limits!

This past week a report came out on Social Security and Medicare.  NBC reported the findings . Most Americans have little time to keep up with these reports and in the end will be dealt a hard shock wave of what is to come if they do not engage the not so wise men in Washington DC. Reported by Zero Hedge  The low levels of savings are alarming. We have a major problem with regard to the new retirements coming within the next ten to fifteen years.  Short falls in Social Security Benefits and Medicare and no retirement savings! Equals future major poverty in the United States and if not dealt with, the future will be bleak.

The history as to how we got to this point has been predicted time and time again, unfortunately the lobbyist prevailed and the American People got the short end of the stick. Pat Buchanan had a nice piece he wrote a few years ago.

This in a nut shell summed up the beginning of our current status. Not only that but we have allowed Communist China to run rough shot over our country and continue to allow American Companies to maintain their trader status against American by opening up shop to increase the might of the dictatorship. Because currency flows in the world of commie villa ale cart Asia. Thus increasing their ability to steel our most advance defense weapon systems!  Reported by CNN: Now the US is about to reward the communist thieves by allowing China to take over another American Company. as reported by Reuters.

This pattern of racing America down to the bottom needs to be replaced by a whole new congress and new president in the next two election cycles. We need to reverse the America Give away, do what we must to shore up the future benefits for the retired folks without increasing the age for retirement, and reverse the American industry give away that has overcome the US by the Lobbyist who give great pay outs to elected officials that do not give a damn about America. We have too many sell outs in both parties. We the people are fed up with it……….. We need term limits.

William Capps

Laurel, Maryland…..