Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obama Care Fact Check.

Well I have a family member that signed up for Obama Care. Unbelievable!  First the person end up paying $160.00 per month and had dental, vision, hospitalization and RX drugs and their drug cost will average 37.00 per week.  This is based on her and her husband’s income. How dare that 73% of the monthly premium is deducted and paid up front by Obama Care. This is a total injustice! It is injustice that the tea party have been lying as to how bad this is!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Failed forign policy is due to failure by both political parties.

One rule of thumb when dealing with rouge nations; make sure you have an ace card for back up.

There are several problems on the ability to show the world we mean business within the world of foreign policy. The Snowden issue has hurt our standing, the far left and right has placed fear within the American peoples mind that NSA is nothing more than a modern day SS Storm Trooper. We have a very large national debt, our resolve to maintain a strong military is weakening because of the debt. The Congress as well as the president has shown no resolve to deal with the debt. Be it cutting spending, the rise of taxes or both. Bottom line hostile nations look at our inability within our country to resolve this as weakness.  Like it or not they are correct. The bottom line is that we do not have the ability to confront Iran and restrain China, Russia as well as North Korea. This is because of two failed political parties and a Congress and President not being able to resolve our internal problems let alone being able to stand with a unified front when t come to foreign policy.

The danger we have now is miscalculation, which could trigger a larger problem then the national debt.

The American people need to wise up and demand both political parties place our country and national defense first before any lobbyist or reelection and resolve our national debt with whatever it takes. NSA is not the enemy it is both political parties that can’t function.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well they say write your elected officials if you have an issue. Waiting for the responce. Odds are it will be from a computer and not the elected official.

OK So I wrote my elected miss fits in Washington DC . I am sure my FB friends will give the two cents that I may or may not agree with but hay I sleep well at night and I am not a Redskin fan. So all is good................................I am writing you in hope that you will consider my view as far as our economic situation in our State and Country. This is broad in scope and is very complex for the average citizen to understand including myself. But like millions of citizens we all have opinions including myself. To be candid most of us look at congress with a grain of salt and most of us are skeptic about anything that comes out of Washington.
I was a former Republican and I am now an independent. There was a time that I was a Democrat. In the end I have come to the conclusion that both parties’ need my vote more then I need them. So I decided to join the ranks of the population that both party’s try to grab to win. This makes the majority ...of the electric a hot commodity for political spin doctors. That said here are some of my views.
One the affordable care act has many things that the average American will not like. Many plans have high deductibles and are overpriced. The Medicaid expansion was a good idea. That said it is a start and needs to be looked at again but not done away with. The myth that it is ran by the federal government is too far-fetched for anyone who has any logic to believe.
Social Security: LBJ is the one along with the congress back in the sixties allowed the funds to be used for the general fund and allow IOU’s to go out. There is talk about changing the CPI index and having means testing for social security. Means testing will later invite a push to make it a choice to have because the well-off will say” hay being I am too wealthy to have it why should I pay into it?” I could later see a court battle over this. If the CPI index was to change this would not keep up with inflation. The only way to solve this problem in my view is a couple of ways.
1) Raise the cap of taxable income to 200K
2) Those who are wealthy can start collecting social security after age 67 not at the age of 62 or 65.
3) Any CPI change can only be done for those who are wealthy and have no effect on them.

Well this is some of my views. Now I am waiting for the response letter that will have nothing to do with the subject that I wrote you about.
William Capps
Laurel Md.

(I could go into the subject of free trade and the rise of the nanny state because of it. But that will be a later letter some other time.) I just want to see if I will get a letter that pertains to the subject I wrote about… The odds are it will be a computer generated response…….

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Tea Party's Goal is understandable, their plan is a failure.

We all can agree that the debt of the US Government is way too high and must be reduced to be balanced. The question is how to achieve that goal. It took from the time when President Clinton left office that was the last time the US budget was balanced, to now of being over 16 trillion in debt. This was because of several fronts, one war because we were attacked and another because of a lie and an economic meltdown.  Because we did not fund the wars and because Wall Street did not have any serious accountability we are where we are. The tea party is correct that we are way over in debt. But their way of dealing with it is economic suicide. To think we can just cut trillions in one swipe without harming the US economy in a massive scale is a pipe dream. We opened up to global free trade for the cheap, and in the process ran up the nanny state and went to war without paying for it up front just to be told to go shopping. Not to mention a too big too fail wall street that helped push the 2008 melt down.

The only way to reverse this course is to turn the sip around very slowly; to do so any faster will sink the ship. We are going to have to increase our exports reduce the taxes for US manufacture over a period of five years to a final cap at least 25% and at the same time make it costly for US Manufacture to import their goods back into the US by way of tariffs on US manufacture imports abroad.

The current GOP is ran by a lot of idiots who believe you must do this overnight and are blind to the fact that their current plan is a disaster. Obama Care has less to do with our economic problem then what is being twisted out by the spin doctors. Yes there needs to be corrections. But I contend even if Obama Care was not the law, the ship would still be sinking. It took over forty years to get here because of the failure of both parties. You would be foolish to believe it can be revered in a few years weather we have Obama Care or not.
William T Capps Jr.
Laurel, Maryland
District 21.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Call it like it is.

The sad reality is; the current state of our economic problem has been predicated time and time again. But because of lobbyist and lots of fools in DC we are where we are.
NAFTA along with free trade with China and other third world nations has caused our industrial base to dwindle. The demand on the nanny state went up along with taxes. The adjustable rate mortgage boom caused the housing bubble along with people getting into homes they could not afford. If you add the fact that peoples jobs and retirement accounts blew up back in 2008. Well it is not surprising we are where we are. Only uneducated people follow the BS from the political parties who point fingers at each other when both are to blame as to this mess we are in. The best thing the American people could do on the next few election cycles is this. Replace them all from the State House to the Congress and the White House.

William T Capps
District 21
Laurel Md

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We need to clean house in Annapolis.

Often we find a confect of interest with a law maker and the type of job they do when not in session. In fact law makers have been charged for taking a bribe for a vote for the industry that they work for in favor for a vote. I say if you are a state house elected official you must quit your day job. You work for the citizen not the industry or lobbyist that is trying to game the system because you’re an elected official.

There was a time in our history when people ran for office did not run under any political party. They ran on their views. If Maryland opens up the process the winners would be the people not the lobbyist or political party.

We citizens really have no clue as to the dealings of the current cast of characters in Annapolis along with the lobbyist who play both sides of the fence and we the people are left holding the bag because of insider gaming of our state government. I am not saying we need to end the two parties, because lets be candid the lobbyist and the parties would go nuts and I do believe in people being able to join a political party no matter how ridicules they may be at times.

But we the citizens have almost 500.000 people here in Maryland who do not belong to a party but can vote during the general election. That is a lot of folks who do not have a say during the primary and are stuck with a choice during the General election, thus flipping a coin and hoping for the best.

We unaffiliated voters should demand to open the process. The law should be if you want to run for office, you run. You win or lose based on your views. The reason the current law states that you must get signatures in order to run unaffiliated is for a few reasons.

1)      The Republican and Democrat party does not want competition on any view or policy for our state.

2)      The lobbyists want to have some sort of sway and do not want to have the Maryland citizens to have more influence than them.

We as a people been forced to be puppets of the political process and we need to fix this current mess we have in Annapolis.


William T Capps

District 21, Laurel MD.

I am a Voter who is unaffiliated with independent views and not owned by a party or lobbyist.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Political End Game

The American People in many respects are like Cybil on steroids. That is also a reflection as to whom we send to Washington Dc and our State houses across our country. The good thing is; Americans are starting to understand the political psychological warfare, being thrown at the American people by lobbyist and political parties! I have to be candid my political views are evolving and in a lot of respects I have been challenging the norms of what is to be expected on issues that affect our state and country.

When economic times are good tempers are down and when it is not! The blame game starts and the fear tactics take over; indorsed by stake holders because in the end it is a money game. I have come to realize in many respects the left and right can be dangerous if left to their own devices. Once in power they tend to go beyond the templates of freedom and responsibility. Unless we the citizen place these folks who demand as to how it ought to be in check. It will get worse for our country.

We are dealing with heal care, jobs, national security, immigration, war, peace, economics, national debt, and the lack of an industrial base. Many lobbyist groups play on the fears of the American people and the results are this. People talk about subjects that they have no knowledge about.

I too have been trapped into this type of thinking. I think that we as a people need to dive deep into the subjects that we care about before we join a band wagon. Because depending on the wagon you are in! The wheels might fall off and you will go nowhere. My advice is to question the motivations and the end game of any issue pushed from any political party or lobbyist before you decide to vote. Because they have led this country to a sink hole thus far and we were the suckers that fell for it.