Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Failed forign policy is due to failure by both political parties.

One rule of thumb when dealing with rouge nations; make sure you have an ace card for back up.

There are several problems on the ability to show the world we mean business within the world of foreign policy. The Snowden issue has hurt our standing, the far left and right has placed fear within the American peoples mind that NSA is nothing more than a modern day SS Storm Trooper. We have a very large national debt, our resolve to maintain a strong military is weakening because of the debt. The Congress as well as the president has shown no resolve to deal with the debt. Be it cutting spending, the rise of taxes or both. Bottom line hostile nations look at our inability within our country to resolve this as weakness.  Like it or not they are correct. The bottom line is that we do not have the ability to confront Iran and restrain China, Russia as well as North Korea. This is because of two failed political parties and a Congress and President not being able to resolve our internal problems let alone being able to stand with a unified front when t come to foreign policy.

The danger we have now is miscalculation, which could trigger a larger problem then the national debt.

The American people need to wise up and demand both political parties place our country and national defense first before any lobbyist or reelection and resolve our national debt with whatever it takes. NSA is not the enemy it is both political parties that can’t function.