Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well they say write your elected officials if you have an issue. Waiting for the responce. Odds are it will be from a computer and not the elected official.

OK So I wrote my elected miss fits in Washington DC . I am sure my FB friends will give the two cents that I may or may not agree with but hay I sleep well at night and I am not a Redskin fan. So all is good................................I am writing you in hope that you will consider my view as far as our economic situation in our State and Country. This is broad in scope and is very complex for the average citizen to understand including myself. But like millions of citizens we all have opinions including myself. To be candid most of us look at congress with a grain of salt and most of us are skeptic about anything that comes out of Washington.
I was a former Republican and I am now an independent. There was a time that I was a Democrat. In the end I have come to the conclusion that both parties’ need my vote more then I need them. So I decided to join the ranks of the population that both party’s try to grab to win. This makes the majority ...of the electric a hot commodity for political spin doctors. That said here are some of my views.
One the affordable care act has many things that the average American will not like. Many plans have high deductibles and are overpriced. The Medicaid expansion was a good idea. That said it is a start and needs to be looked at again but not done away with. The myth that it is ran by the federal government is too far-fetched for anyone who has any logic to believe.
Social Security: LBJ is the one along with the congress back in the sixties allowed the funds to be used for the general fund and allow IOU’s to go out. There is talk about changing the CPI index and having means testing for social security. Means testing will later invite a push to make it a choice to have because the well-off will say” hay being I am too wealthy to have it why should I pay into it?” I could later see a court battle over this. If the CPI index was to change this would not keep up with inflation. The only way to solve this problem in my view is a couple of ways.
1) Raise the cap of taxable income to 200K
2) Those who are wealthy can start collecting social security after age 67 not at the age of 62 or 65.
3) Any CPI change can only be done for those who are wealthy and have no effect on them.

Well this is some of my views. Now I am waiting for the response letter that will have nothing to do with the subject that I wrote you about.
William Capps
Laurel Md.

(I could go into the subject of free trade and the rise of the nanny state because of it. But that will be a later letter some other time.) I just want to see if I will get a letter that pertains to the subject I wrote about… The odds are it will be a computer generated response…….

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