Monday, July 8, 2013

I cannot pay the rain tax because it went into my gas tank.

An increase in gas prices comes as a result of the General Assembly's passage of a gas tax boost and part of the money it raises will fund $650 million dollars in road, rail and pedestrian projects. This increase will be fifteen cents a gallon. Ok let’s do some math. I pay $60.00 a week for to go back and forth to work. The average price has been $3.45 a gallon. Ten gallons cost me at that price per gallon 34.50. If you add the other .15 cents per gallon that is 40.00 per 10 gallon of gas that is a $5.50 per week increase for me I will increase it by $2.50 to round it off because like I said I now pay $60.00 a week.  So 8 dollars per week increase times 52 equals and increase by $416.00 year. Folks I only make about 30K a year. Now being Annapolis tends to raid the transportation fund for other pet projects. It seems the working folks are going to pay the price again. Not to mention the transportation industry that will not hire folks or in some cases have to close shop. I think what Annapolis needs to do is watch what the heck they are spending and not have the working class pay the price because of their failures. To add insult to injury we here in Maryland are now going to be taxed when it rains. I thought I would never say this. I hope it does not rain or snow this year. I cannot pay the rain tax because it went into my gas tank.

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