Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Political End Game

The American People in many respects are like Cybil on steroids. That is also a reflection as to whom we send to Washington Dc and our State houses across our country. The good thing is; Americans are starting to understand the political psychological warfare, being thrown at the American people by lobbyist and political parties! I have to be candid my political views are evolving and in a lot of respects I have been challenging the norms of what is to be expected on issues that affect our state and country.

When economic times are good tempers are down and when it is not! The blame game starts and the fear tactics take over; indorsed by stake holders because in the end it is a money game. I have come to realize in many respects the left and right can be dangerous if left to their own devices. Once in power they tend to go beyond the templates of freedom and responsibility. Unless we the citizen place these folks who demand as to how it ought to be in check. It will get worse for our country.

We are dealing with heal care, jobs, national security, immigration, war, peace, economics, national debt, and the lack of an industrial base. Many lobbyist groups play on the fears of the American people and the results are this. People talk about subjects that they have no knowledge about.

I too have been trapped into this type of thinking. I think that we as a people need to dive deep into the subjects that we care about before we join a band wagon. Because depending on the wagon you are in! The wheels might fall off and you will go nowhere. My advice is to question the motivations and the end game of any issue pushed from any political party or lobbyist before you decide to vote. Because they have led this country to a sink hole thus far and we were the suckers that fell for it.

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