Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bongino for Congress! Well he is going to have to mellow on some issues......

Bongino is going to run for Congress in 2014 to represent the 6th Congressional District of Maryland. This is the Seat that was redistricted and was lost to Mr. Bartlett who was in the House of Representatives for decades.

I have met Mr. Bongino as well as Mr. Bartlett and the demographics have changed.  In order for them to take back this seat to reclaim it from the Democrat Party! The person who is on the ticked for the GOP will have to moderate to the center and best have a track record to prove the moderation.  We are not the south and the tea party far right republicans do not have a leg to stand on in this state let alone will make National office representing Maryland.

The only way a Republican let alone the GOP become a relevant power. They will have to rethink their positions to insure they are in tune with the citizens.

The Health Care debate will not win you an election.

 The Gay Marriage issue is dead.

The only issues they might make any traction on might be and I say might be!  Trade, pertaining to the failure of free trade with China and Nafta! With a Plan not to kill Social Security!

It is the reality of Maryland the GOP today is not the GOP it used to be. Reagan could not win National office today. The GOP has gone weak on several issues and the citizens are not buying their lip service anymore.
The Citizens District

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  1. Citizen District, you are absolutely correct that if you are a tea party Republican in MD there is not a snowball of a chance to win any election. I have heard Mr. Bongino on several talk shows lately, and I am not convinced. I hate to say this but the Tea Party is very detrimental to our state party. I use to be very active in the MDGOP but not anymore because of the nastiness that the MD Tea Party has brought to the fold. They are the reason why Gov Ehrlich didn't win reelection in 2006 and in his second attempt in 2010. That was a shame. Gov Ehrlich was the perfect MD GOP politician for the state. Wake up MD Republicans stop being stubborn and realize that we are VA GOP or any other state below the Mason Dixon line. New Jersey is just as blue was we are and they manage to elect Gov CHristie. I believe the MD GOP will never see the light for generations to come. Probably after I am six feet under.