Sunday, June 23, 2013

Religion,politics and lobbyist.

The danger of religion and politics is on the horizon here in our country. I believe in the freedom of Americans to follow their faith. I also believe government cannot run a country based on any religious theology.  We are a nation with many religious beliefs, some I am ok with and some I question their motivations and one I distrust a lot. Then you have folks who do not believe in God and those who do who do not want forced religion via the legislative process. Symbols of Religion is not an issue with me, I believe the atheist have gone overboard on this issue. But just as the DNC has large anti-religious constituents within their ranks. The GOP has also got their folks who want to force biblical theology within their ranks.

Freedom in many ways is an inference within American society. People in all strips wave the constitution for their cause and beliefs all the time. Many times they cry foul when the Supreme Court makes a ruling that many may not agree with. But these are the rules of the game that has been around sense our founding.  We now are in a debate as to what our world status should or should not be with regard to foreign policy. We look at democracy as the key requirement as to entering the norm of nations. Yet even countries that vote for their leaders can also vote for a dictatorship or a mad man.  Many nations are not evolved and may not ever evolve into a civil society of the standards of the industrialized free world. Thus nations who rule by the sword by the prism of religion can be a danger to the modern world.

Our country is at a cross road. Do we retreat in world affairs and hollow our defense to our nation! Do we look out with caution and resolve with a pragmatic mind set. I say we must do the latter.

We as a people have failed our nation. I say we because over the decades we voted for the people who have come up with the failed policies that now has placed us in a bind as a nation and our role in the world. Freedom is not free and if we are to remain a free nation we must do what we must to maintain a robust military. This does not mean we go to war on a whim. We also must make trade policy that leverages our resolve with human rights being the main factor of doing business with the United States.

In conclusion we also need lots of election reform to expose foreign and national lobbyist whose main goal is to manipulate our Government; via propaganda to the American people.


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  1. I fear the writer is correct on this. Let us hope this will not pass.