Sunday, June 9, 2013

People want a utopia government.

I have come to the conclusion that there are a few things that are in play within the political sphere within our country.  People want a utopia government. One that will never happen and along that same unrealistic bench mark both major parties let me correct that! All major parties want power if being utopia government, cannot be achieved.

There are several categories along with hypocrisy within the parties as well as the folks who elect them.

The absolutes are the most dangerous. These are the folks that would rather burn the house down, let alone our country if they cannot get 100% of what they want. The scary thing is the absolutes at this point seem to taking the lead in power. This is now why I am now an independent!

Take the issue of the 501C issue for tax free organization to be allowed to form a group as long as it is a social issue group.  Both parties have them but it has not one damn thing to do with any social message. It is a back door way to funnel money to the political parties. The IRS scandal that exposed the IRS in targeting conservative groups of their tax exempt status was a hit job, we all know it. Heck it has happen to the left when the right was in the White House. Now you see both parties hopping mad up on the hill. Not because of the hit job, but because this can expose these 501C’s for what they are. The nothing more than a money laundering operation for both parties! That simple! The law about these 501C’s specifically required that these 501C’s not engage in any political operations or endorsement.  But because both parties realized that the money would dry up at some point the IRS was pressured to bend the rules to allow these groups to do what they are not supposed to do as long as these political events are at least 49% or below of their operations.  So finance reform that was supposed to clean up the process of lobbyist influence in Washington. Well the Absolutes got their way again and now it has been exposed by a targeted hit job by one of the parties. The failure was not the hit job, but rather the failure to enforce the law 100%.

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  1. The District hit this out of the park. Political hypocrisy in its finest hour!