Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Selling of America by the Democrat and Republican Party. We need term limits!

This past week a report came out on Social Security and Medicare.  NBC reported the findings . Most Americans have little time to keep up with these reports and in the end will be dealt a hard shock wave of what is to come if they do not engage the not so wise men in Washington DC. Reported by Zero Hedge  The low levels of savings are alarming. We have a major problem with regard to the new retirements coming within the next ten to fifteen years.  Short falls in Social Security Benefits and Medicare and no retirement savings! Equals future major poverty in the United States and if not dealt with, the future will be bleak.

The history as to how we got to this point has been predicted time and time again, unfortunately the lobbyist prevailed and the American People got the short end of the stick. Pat Buchanan had a nice piece he wrote a few years ago.

This in a nut shell summed up the beginning of our current status. Not only that but we have allowed Communist China to run rough shot over our country and continue to allow American Companies to maintain their trader status against American by opening up shop to increase the might of the dictatorship. Because currency flows in the world of commie villa ale cart Asia. Thus increasing their ability to steel our most advance defense weapon systems!  Reported by CNN: Now the US is about to reward the communist thieves by allowing China to take over another American Company. as reported by Reuters.

This pattern of racing America down to the bottom needs to be replaced by a whole new congress and new president in the next two election cycles. We need to reverse the America Give away, do what we must to shore up the future benefits for the retired folks without increasing the age for retirement, and reverse the American industry give away that has overcome the US by the Lobbyist who give great pay outs to elected officials that do not give a damn about America. We have too many sell outs in both parties. We the people are fed up with it……….. We need term limits.

William Capps

Laurel, Maryland…..

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  1. Very true in so many ways. You are correct we need to clean house, both parties have done major damage to our country.